Snacks…The Results Are In

Posted April 27th, 2010 by Jill Addeo | No Comments »

As moms, I think it’s safe to say that when we stroll (who am I kidding…race) through the grocery aisles we know when we are putting snacks into our carts that are processed, poor choices. In fact, nowadays, I find myself almost embarrassed if I have some kiddie contraband in my cart and there is a healthy, fit yoga-mom in line behind me. I am often tempted to blurt out that my nieces and nephews are visiting and their lame mother actually let’s them eat this crap.  I know, I know…I am pathetic.

The truth is, I rarely succumb to the marketing pressures of Pop Tarts, Doritos and Entenmann’s but let’s face it I cannot show up everyday at school with apples and rice cakes. That just ain’t gonna fly. The key is to find the happy medium of snacks and even that can be difficult. The pressure from our kids is coming at us from one end and our own guilt comes at us from the  other.

This past weekend, it was our turn to provide the drinks and snacks for my son’s Little League game. Oh, the dilemma. It was the first game of the season so I had to set the tone…no lead to follow. I certainly couldn’t show up with only fruit and water and pretzels. But then again, frosted donuts and chips won’t fly either. I dragged the family to Costco and we settled on Fiber One bars, 100 calorie snack packs without trans fats, bottled water and some G2. G2 is the low sugar version of Gatorade and has only 20 calories and 5g of sugar per serving. Hopefully the boys won’t notice that it basically tastes like water. Then, on the morning of the game, I agreed to some Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts. I rationalized that the team was playing from 9 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon and they would way more than burn it off. By the way, my husband joins you all in thinking that I spend way too much time worrying about these things.

All went well at the game and the following Monday morning my daughter asked me if she could bring one of the leftover G2 drinks to school to have in the afternoon during her Chorus rehearsal. I asked her if that would be permitted at school and she said. “Definitely. Lots of kids even bring sodas for afterschool.” So I figured, “what the heck.” Well wouldn’t you know that she was headed to Chorus with her backpack and her G2 when her science teacher called her name and stopped her in the hall. She told my daughter how horrible it was to be drinking that stuff and that she might as well just fill a water bottle with sugar. I was fuming. “Did you tell her it was G2 and not the regular Gatorade?” I asked. And then I realized how ridiculous the whole matter is. I know I am doing pretty darn well with my kids and their nutritional needs. I won’t be intimidated by the science teacher and made to feel that I am a bad mother. A brief moment of clarity.

So, if you want to see how you rate according to this awesome little roundup by WebMD take a look.

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