Study Habits – A New Perspective

Posted September 9th, 2010 by Jill Addeo | No Comments »

As the final days of summer were upon me, I began, as I do every year, to obsess about how to best approach my children and their homework routines. My son and daughter are now entering 6th and 5th grades, respectively. They are both good students and I have always felt that it was partly due to their abilities and their hard work and partly due to the fact that we have worked on organization and good study habits from 1st grade on. I guess the question is, what constitutes “good” study habits.

I have always been taught that a child does better when he or she has a quiet, organized, designated study area–a spot where they do their schoolwork and their reading every day. I have always been a stickler, or according to my children, an evil witch, when it comes to homework and studying. When my kids started asking if they could stay at school and get their homework done in the library, I thought that sounded like a great idea, and less of a struggle for me at home.  I would meet them at school and stay in the library to do some work or read as they did their school work. That experiment was short-lived. Both kids, but especially my daughter were distracted by every single movement or sound as people whispered or sharpened pencils or opened and closed a door. She must have looked up from the desk every 20 seconds and they both seemed to rush through the work in order to be done and head home free of any more work.  Of course, all of this just went to validate my theory that they need to be at their desk, in their rooms or at the dining room table, with no potential distractions.

Well,  according to a fascinating article in this week’s Science Times, it seems that, I too, may have a few new things to learn. In his article, Benedict Carey explores an entirely new perspective on study habits and how kids from elementary through college and grad school can get the most out of their time spent hitting the books. This is a must -read!

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